The Challenge Results

The Challenge Results
The Challenge Results

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 91-Results and Review

            Today is what I am calling the review and I plan to do just that. First of today was the final weigh in for the challenge and the number came out to 184 even. This brings my total loss to 22 pounds and I am pretty happy with that  number. Now for those who may think I pushed extra hard to get better numbers in the last few days lets review. I have not worked out since Wednesday, I had to eat at a gas station yesterday on the weigh home, and if that is not enough I went to McDonalds today. I did manage to go low carb at the McDs and it was an experience but at least I know it is an option.
            Now for those wondering what I thought of the programs here is the gist. Insanity is just that insane, and unless you are already pretty athletic it might be too much. It also has some problems with the lack of warm-up and stretching but this is nothing someone with experience could not add on. I might go back to it one day when I have the last few stubborn pounds to torch.
            As for P90X it is crazy and difficult but on the positive side it not only has degrees of difficulty but each move can be adjusted depending on your level. This makes it a pretty great routine but when people try to keep up with them on their first round they usually get burned out before they get results. But if you are smart about it and do not want to go to the gym or get any crazy equipment this program can work for anyone.
            What about me and my results? I lost 22 pounds and feel pretty good. I have changed my diet a few times through this process but landed on a low carb diet. I am going to try this out for a month before I come up with anything conclusive but so far it is going great. And for those visual learners here is what a 206 pound Erick looks like.
            This is me today and with my new look my wife and I gave the house a new look and turned it into a Christmas special. Thanks for sticking with me the last 90 its been fun.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 90-Final day

                 This morning was different than a normal Saturday. Though waking up at three in the morning is not out of the ordinary, waking up to an alarm clock is new and then leaving the house that early is also not normal. Today was the first wrestling tournament and there was a 3 hour bus ride followed by twelve hours in a gym and then a return trip. Now I am not complaining, at least not about the twelve hours of wrestling, the bus ride was pretty awful. For some reason I did not think this is how the challenge would end. Tomorrow I will be writing my final reviews and results even though things did not go as planned they were real and the results were too. Do not forget to vote on the poll so I know where to take things.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 89-Time out

                First of all I have posted the poll and it should be directly to the right. Feel free to vote on more than one thing and post comments with suggestions. I am in my last days but I have zero time to actually workout thanks to wrestling. I will still write tomorrow and post the final results Sunday but if I want any sleep at all working out will not be happening. Tomorrow I will be at a wrestling tournament and because we live so far away from everything I have to leave at three in the morning. Now I would love to keep going but I have not time to work out and barely enough to write this.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 88-Breaking habits

                I decided today I was going to break my son of his new habits and get him back into a routine. This proved not only difficult but time consuming. So much so I was unable to do yoga and that was a bummer but I made sure to keep a closer eye on my calories and carbs. I have been thinking about what happens to the blog after the challenge and I am looking for ideas. Should I keep it going and if so what would the topic be or should I start a new challenge or should I just call it quits before I begin to annoy myself. If I can think of some things I might write about or you think of some I might make a poll for everyone to vote on.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 87-Everest

                My son again was more needy than usual but there was a ray of hope at the end of the night when he went down without a fight or a bottle in his mouth. And as someone once said a day that ends well was well. But I did not see the day ending well this morning; my son went through at least four outfits today, beginning with wetting the bed through his diaper at 4 this morning and all the way up to his pj’s. But besides that he did better on his own as long as he was not tired and even let me get a little work done. I am sure I sound like I complain a lot but understand I love my son and there is nothing I would rather do than spend each day with him.
                I managed to make it to practice today and I keep forgetting coaches do not actually workout. But I got to do my work out after practice and again found myself speeding through. I know I have not reached my physical peak or even gotten close enough to see the summit but I am afraid I have gone as far as this workout can take me. I am at the infamous plateau and again cannot wait until I can change things up next week. Who knows I might end up throwing some p90x back in the routine someday.